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Abdomen Lesion

Adrenal Glands Lesion

Cystic Adrenal Glands Lesion

Hyperenhancing Adrenal Glands Lesion

T2 Hyperintense Adrenal Glands Lesion

Appendix Lesion

Bile Duct Lesion

Obstructing Bile Duct Lesion

Bladder Lesion

Botyroid Bladder Lesion

Filling Defect Bladder Lesion

Local Wall Thickening Bladder Lesion

Bone Lesion

Blastic Bone Lesion

Calcified Bone Lesion

Lytic Bone Lesion

Mixed Lytic and Blastic Bone Lesion

Periosteal Reaction Bone Lesion

Permeative Bone Lesion

Bone Marrow Lesion

Brain Lesion

Cystic Brain Lesion

Hemorrhagic Brain Lesion

Mass Brain Lesion

Breast Lesion

Contralateral Breast Lesion

Bronchus Lesion

Chest Wall Lesion

Colon Lesion

Dilation Colon Lesion

Local Wall Thickening Colon Lesion

Diaphragm Lesion

Distant Lymph Nodes Lesion

Calcified Distant Lymph Nodes Lesion

Enhancing Distant Lymph Nodes Lesion

Duodenum Lesion

Dura (Meninges) Lesion

Esophagus Lesion

Local Wall Thickening Esophagus Lesion

Gallbladder Lesion

Genitourinary Lesion

Heart Lesion

Inferior Vena Cava Lesion

Tumor Thrombus Inferior Vena Cava Lesion

Kidney Lesion

Contralateral Kidney Lesion

Cystic Kidney Lesion

Hyperenhancing Kidney Lesion

Solid Kidney Lesion

Liver Lesion

Arterially Enhancing Liver Lesion

Biliary Duct Dilatation Liver Lesion

Calcified Liver Lesion

Delayed Enhancement Liver Lesion

Hepatomegaly Liver Lesion

Hyperenhancing Liver Lesion

Hypoenhancing Liver Lesion

Ring Enhancement Liver Lesion

Satellite Liver Lesion

Wash-Out Liver Lesion

Local Lymph Nodes Lesion

Calcified Local Lymph Nodes Lesion

Desmoplastic Local Lymph Nodes Lesion

Fibrosing Local Lymph Nodes Lesion

Lung Parenchyma Lesion

Cavitary Lung Parenchyma Lesion

Central Lung Parenchyma Lesion

Consolidation Lung Parenchyma Lesion

Lymphangiitic Lung Parenchyma Lesion

Nodule Lung Parenchyma Lesion

Ossified Lung Parenchyma Lesion

Pneumothorax Lung Parenchyma Lesion

Spiculated Lung Parenchyma Lesion

Mediastinum Lesion

Heterogeneous Mediastinum Lesion

Hypodense Mediastinum Lesion

Peripherally Calcified Mediastinum Lesion

Mesentery Lesion

Muscle Lesion

Nasal Cavity Lesion

Omentum Lesion

Orbit Lesion

Ovary Lesion

Krukenburg Ovary Lesion

Pancreas Lesion

Cystic Pancreas Lesion

Hyperenhancing Pancreas Lesion

Hypoenhancing Pancreas Lesion

Obstructing Pancreas Lesion

Solid Pancreas Lesion

Pericardium Lesion

Peritoneum Lesion

Ascites Peritoneum Lesion

Hepatic Capsular Peritoneum Lesion

Nodule Peritoneum Lesion

Pituitary Gland Lesion

Pleura Lesion

Effusion Pleura Lesion

Mass Pleura Lesion

Portal Vein Lesion

Tumor Thrombus Portal Vein Lesion

Primary Tumor Lesion

Prostate Lesion

Rectum Lesion

Renal Vein Lesion

Retroperitoneum Lesion

Skin (Cutaneous and Subcutaneous) Lesion

Plaque Skin (Cutaneous and Subcutaneous) Lesion

Small Intestine Lesion

Calcified Small Intestine Lesion

Centrally Necrotic Small Intestine Lesion

Dilation Small Intestine Lesion

Enhancing Small Intestine Lesion

Intramural Small Intestine Lesion

Large Small Intestine Lesion

Local Wall Thickening Small Intestine Lesion

Submucosal Small Intestine Lesion

Spinal Cord Lesion

Spleen Lesion

Enlargement Spleen Lesion

Hypoenhancing Spleen Lesion

Splenomegaly Spleen Lesion

Stomach Lesion

Linitis Plastica Stomach Lesion

Mass Stomach Lesion

Ulcerated Stomach Lesion

Surrounding Tissue Lesion

Testes Lesion

Enlargement Testes Lesion

Mass Testes Lesion

Thymus Lesion

Thyroid Lesion

Calcified Thyroid Lesion

Microcalcified Thyroid Lesion

Trachea Lesion

Ureter Lesion

Uterus Lesion

Heterogeneous Uterus Lesion

Vagina Lesion