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Metastatic Pattern of Spread of Gallbladder Cancer  adult

Introduction: Cancer arising from the epithelial wall of the gallbladder, typically adenocarcinoma. The majority of cases occur in patients with gallstones.

Prevalence: Very Rare Metastasis Frequency: Common

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Primary Tumor:

Sorry, no description has been written for the primary tumor.

Known Metastatic Locations:

SiteFrequencyCharacteristics Comments
Local Lymph Nodes Common
Distant Lymph Nodes Common regional nodes
Liver Common most common site of hematogenous metastasis
Lung Parenchyma UncommonNodule
Pancreas Uncommon
Adrenal Glands Rare
Peritoneum Rare
Bone RareLytic
Diaphragm Very Rare
Kidney Very Rare
Heart Very Rare
Omentum Very Rare
Colon Very Rare
Brain Very Rare
Pleura Very Rare
Small Intestine Very Rare can locally invade duodenum
Skin (Cutaneous and Subcutaneous) Very Rare
Spleen Very Rare