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Metastatic Pattern of Spread of Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder  adult

Introduction: Transitional cell epithelium lines the bladder and ureters. TCC most commonly involves the bladder, but it can also arise from the renal pelvis or ureter. It is much more common in males, and smoking is a significant risk factor.

Prevalence: Rare Metastasis Frequency: Rare

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Primary Tumor:

 Characteristics Comments
Bladder Filling Defect, Local Wall Thickening

Known Metastatic Locations:

SiteFrequencyCharacteristics Comments
Local Lymph Nodes Common
Liver Common
Lung Parenchyma CommonNodule
Bone CommonMixed Lytic and Blastic, Blastic
Adrenal Glands Common
Small Intestine Uncommon
Mediastinum Uncommon
Brain Rare
Kidney Rare
Spleen Very Rare
Pancreas Very Rare
Dura (Meninges) Very Rare
Uterus Very Rare
Ovary Very Rare
Prostate Very Rare
Testes Very Rare