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Metastatic Pattern of Spread of Medulloblastoma  adultchild

Introduction: Rare cancer of the brain parenchyma arising in the posterior fossa, often categorized as a primitive neuroectodermal tumor (PNET). It is very common in children but rare in adults. Extracranial metastases occur in about 7% of cases. However, it is known to spread through CSF readily throughout the central nervous system.

Prevalence: Very Rare Metastasis Frequency: Rare

J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. 1991 Jan;54(1):80-6. PMID: 2010766

Primary Tumor:

 Characteristics Comments
Brain posterior fossa, especially cerebellum

Known Metastatic Locations:

SiteFrequencyCharacteristics Comments
Bone CommonBlastic most common site of distant metastasis
radiology image: Osteoblastic Metastases
Spinal Cord Common spread through CSF
radiology image: Intradural Mass
Distant Lymph Nodes Common
radiology image: Axillary Lymphadenopathy
Liver Uncommon more common in children
radiology image: Multiple Liver Metastases
Lung Parenchyma UncommonNodule more common in adults
Muscle Rare
Pancreas Very Rare
Kidney Very Rare
Ureter Very Rare
Testes Very Rare
Ovary Very Rare
Breast Very Rare
Thymus Very Rare